We have three services just for kids!

Sunday Kidz Classes
Sunday Kidz Worship
Wednesday Kidz Worship

New? Here’s what to expect.





Start Time

Check-In will begin 15 minutes before our scheduled start times. The doors to our children’s auditorium will remain locked until that time. Why? So that our volunteers have enough time to get ready!

First Time

If it’s your first time being in Ignite Kidz, we ask you fill out a registration card so that we may add you to our secure check-in system. If your child has any allergies or special needs you can add that information on the card.


After each child is checked into our system, they will receive a colored safety wristband.






We sing age appropriate music in each of our services! Each song is designed to not only be catchy, but also to instill biblical truths in your child. Ask them to show you the dance moves!

Lesson Video

We have lesson videos that enforce the stories your child will hear for the day. Each lesson video tells the Bible story and provides application for how they can live how God wants them to!


In Ignite Kidz, we are big fans of the carrot! We want your child to be excited to come to church. Because of this, we make each service as fun and special as we can. This means we love to reward kids for doing the right thing!




Large Group


During Large Group, the 1st-6th graders will hear the Bible story for the day. 

The Bible Story

Our Large Group speaker will have a presentation (with pictures!), lesson activity, and review game. Large Group focuses on “telling the story” so that your child understands what the Bible says.


During Large Group our toddler classes will go to their classrooms for crafts!




Small Group

4 Small Groups

Small Groups allow your child to have a more personal experience! Our volunteers will get to know your child and encourage them to love God!

The Bible Teaches

Large Group is all about the Bible Story. Small Group is all about what the Bible Teaches! Each lesson focuses on how your child can apply Biblical truths to their lives today!


Each child will have a memory verse for the day to memorize. We really want your child to learn AND retain the Bible story!



Game Time

Gym & Playground

Inside our gym, we have a bounce house, basketball goal, and sports equipment (dodgeball!) When it’s a pretty day, we go outside to the playground or play different sports (kickball, football, tag, etc..)

Children’s Auditorium

If that’s not enough, we have 10 activity stations set up in our Children’s Auditorium. These stations have everything from video games to ping pong! Activity Stations are also open 15 before and after our services.





We go over the lesson one more time and give out more prizes to the children who answer questions!

Exit Video

One last video will help reinforce the days lesson. 


Once the main service is over, you can pick your child up at the Children’s Auditorium. We hope to hear the words, “It’s time to go already?”

We have four annual ignite kidz events.

Resurrection Celebration

Kidz Camp